Travel insurance - an important formality or a necessity?

Awareness of the importance of having valid travel insurance comes when suddenly while traveling, at best, it might be a nuisance in the form of minor injuries requiring medical attention.

Travel insurance - an important formality or a necessity?
Usually difficult to provide for their own negligence, but to avoid unpleasant consequences, as well as treatment in a foreign country at his own expense as possible, in advance of issuing a quality insurance from a reliable insurance company before the trip (not counting the fact that some no version of travel insurance when traveling in Europe It should be in default of the tourist).

When making a medical travel insurance before you travel, you need to take into account the territory (area), which will extend insurance coverage.

For example, for the EU countries the total amount of insurance coverage must be at least 30 million euros (or $ 50,000). When puteshetvii in countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates turstrahovka not required, but registration of medical policy with at least the minimum insurance premium is still desirable for Vazhego own peace of mind. Just the presence of an insurance policy increases the chances of getting a tourist visa to Canada or Australia.

Buy a standard insurance policy for going abroad (TCD) can be in the offices of insurance companies or virtually any travel agency, as well as through the Internet on the websites of insurers and intermediaries in multiple-line, pay for purchases by credit card. Most card-issuing banks offer travel insurance from insurance companies-partners to holders of its cards.

It is particularly important that all the embassies of European countries - including visa offices in Switzerland, Austria, Finland and the Czech Republic - have lists of accredited insurance companies travel insurance, which are published on the websites of consulates of the countries concerned. These lists can be mainly advisory in nature, but in special cases the design of medical policy should take place only in an accredited insurance company - it is worth paying attention to it in the study of the list of documents required to obtain a visa.

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