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The insurance business has evolved in the early 90s. Then the insurance company staff were universal: to enter into contracts, estimated the value of the objects and the risks involved in payments. Today in this area there is a clear division of labor.

In general, employees any insurance company can be divided into two major groups: the front office (those who have direct contact with clients) and the back office. The first group - are employees selling units and experts on the settlement of damages. What do the first - is understandable, but the latter is already working with customers after the insured event occurred. For back-office includes representatives of both the universal professions (secretaries, members of IT-services, accountants, and so on.), And insurance (underwriters, experts in actuarial calculations). On the wagons in the article will not talk, it will be only for those whose profession is an integral part of the insurance business.

Sellers in the State and outside the State
The first step that begins the career ladder many successful professionals in insurance, - a position of an insurance agent. This employee self-seeking clients and sells insurance policies for different types of insurance. agent's task is complex and simple at the same time - to sell insurance to me, your neighbor, that is individual. The hardest thing at first is where and how to find a client. After all, no one will call you and say: "Insure me, please!" Therefore, most beginners first insurance agents sell through relatives, friends and acquaintances. And just in time the agent (or Sales Manager) formed its own client portfolio.

Agents are not employees of the company. Nevertheless, the developed network of agents - is something on which to build a business of any insurance company. Income derived by a manager, the entire sum of the percent of sales policies. Many in the profession of insurance agent draws a flexible schedule, and the fact that sales can be engaged on the job training and substantive work. But there is a flip side: lack of stable income (how much you sell - you get so much). According to the observations of recruiters, agents earnings by the end of the first year is US $ 800-1000. After two or three years, accumulating an extensive customer base, a specialist can count already 2000-3000 USD. Per month or more. Although there are people who believe this craft exclusively extra earnings, thereby to obtain no more than 300-500 USD. Per month. But those who take up the matter seriously and achieves some success, soon become full-time employees of the company and have themselves trained sales agents.

The main groups of professionals working in the state of the average insurance company, are different levels of sellers, underwriters, methodology (product managers), activists, experts on the settlement of losses, the evaluators (not represented in all companies). Tell us more about each of these professions.

The driving force of any business - sellers. The insurance firms they employ other workers. No sales - there is no field to assess the insurance risk, nothing to reinsure and deal with the settlement of losses, too, is not necessary. Sales specialists typically work with corporate clients, at least - with individuals (usually retail - a field agent activity). Established sellers unlike freelancers have a fixed salary ($ 1,000 and above.), All the rest - the interest of the concluded contracts. Experienced workers income is several times the amount of salary. Naturally, people who work in the field of sales, should be active and sociable, that is not a requirement for back-office staff.

Underwriter (in translation from English - the signature under risk) - one of the key professions in insurance. The specialist takes over the obligations under any type of insurance contracts, guaranteeing financial compensation. It forms a portfolio (risk selection produces), generates conditions of insurance, defines and justifies the size of their own retention and tariff policy, selects the reinsurance protection, which allows to transfer the risk of the maximum for the minimum money. On average, each underwriter receives several billion dollars a year liability.

Formal attitude to risk assessment can result in the most adverse effects. After all, insurance is in any other industry, a minor error or omission may lead to the collapse of the company. Therefore it is important that in this area working professionals. It is estimated to grow good underwriter, the company takes three to four years.

The average salary of an underwriter in a large company - 1500-2000 dollars.

The main product
The main purpose of any insurance company - quality customer service, which is possible only in the interaction of all divisions. To attract customers, the seller needed products and prices that the market will be most advantageous to be different from others.

Creating new products - the patrimony of product managers. After analyzing customer needs and capabilities of the company, they are preparing proposals for new products and their promotion. And their tools serves the entire company. For example, the development of tariffs on insurance trends is impossible without mutual cooperation, product managers and underwriters. In promoting a product manager on the market to help professionals in the field of advertising and public relations, in the preparation of special training for the sellers - Service HR. Product Manager is the initiator of all these processes from the inception of the idea to the product to market. He keeps abreast of sales, tracking how the new venture is profitable for the company.

these employees salary varies from 1,000 to 2,000 dollars.

continuous losses
Thus, the sale is perfect, the risks assessed. If during the term of the policy or contract an insured event occurs, the specialists on the scene to settle the losses (in some companies, referred to as the experts). The accident crushed the car, the neighbors poured on top of the insured apartment - with these and other problems sorted out just the experts. They will inspect the damaged property, amount to an act that the insured event did take place, help the client to draw up the documents required for payment.

In some large insurance companies feature the work of experts on the settlement of damages is the versatility: they are not only working at the scene, are assessing the damage involved in the reception and analysis of documents, but also participate in the examination taken at the insurance objects, the development of new programs, tariff adjustments, etc. .

Insured event - for any company a kind of aptitude test. On how skillfully and quickly it will be settled, depending whether the customer will turn to this organization in the next time, or prefer another firm. Well, most staff involved in such an important issue, in addition to excellent knowledge of the business, you must have nerves of steel and a truly angelic patience. Otherwise, try to explain to the person who drove the car an hour ago, what papers he needs to collect to get paid.

Depending on the level of payment labor specialist for the settlement of losses ranges from 900 to 1500 dollars.

"Actuarial" question
Another insurance profession - a specialist actuary or actuarial.

Actuarial calculations - calculations of tariffs for any type of insurance methods of mathematical statistics. Using them is determined by the share of each insurer in the creation of an insurance fund, which is a kind of reserve, from which customers pay compensation. By and large, this work is focused on the future of the insurance company. Specialty actuary originated in the XVIII century in connection with the development of insurance business.

Now, about the salary. Actuarial least in the labor market of 1000-1500 USD. It is also worth noting that the activities of almost all the experts, except for actuaries, also divided by type of insurance.

Professional requirements for employees of insurance companies, are standard. However, with the arrival of foreign insurers in the market, more and more increasing demand for qualified specialists who speak English. But they in our country, unfortunately, is not enough.

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