How to pay off your mortgage?

Getting a mortgage is always accompanied by a pledge of real estate, ie mortgage. In general, mortgages this is the mortgage. This property is imposed burden. What is the burden can be read here.

Encumbrance valid until the loan is fully repaid.

But the debt you have paid, and are still Rosreestra recorded that the apartment in the mortgage.

How to pay off your mortgage?

A registration of the mortgage is repaid on the basis of:

The decisions of the court;
Joint statement from you and the creditor;
lender statements;
Statements mortgagor, ie, your application.
If shaped by the mortgage, pay off the mortgage easier. You can do it yourself.

In order to pay off the mortgage, you need to contact the lender the following documents:

a certificate on the performance of your obligations under the credit agreement;
original mortgage (if any). On the mortgage lender have to be a mark that the liability is settled completely. This mark must be certified by signature of the authorized person of the creditor with an indication of its position and the seal of the creditor;
notarized copies of the constituent documents of the lending bank;
certified copies of documents certifying the authority of the person who made a mark on the repayment on the mortgage, and signed a letter of debt repayment.
If the mortgage is not made, then pay off the mortgage can only be with the lender.

In the loan agreement or the contract on the mortgage or mortgages should be given a period during which the creditor is required to give you all the necessary documents for the repayment of the mortgage. Standard time - 2 weeks.

Please note that a small bank does this automatically. Therefore, as soon as fully paid on the loan, contact the bank with an application for the issuance of the necessary documents.

How is the removal of the mortgage with the property?

To remove the encumbrance need to Rosreestra. To do this, you must have the following documents:

The package of documents that you gave the lender (see above);
The agreement, based on which the mortgage was registered - the sales contract (if mortgage by operation of law - with a note of registration of the mortgage), proof of ownership, etc.) or mortgage agreement, and with a note of registration of the mortgage;
Legal documents in the apartment;
In any case, grab a credit agreement;
Receipt of payment of fees (only if you want to get a pure testimony, no records of the mortgage).
The whole procedure is free. Paying only need to obtain a certificate without encumbrances, if you want to get it. To do this, you need only write an application for the grant of such a license on a new form and pay a fee.

Encumbrance is removed 5 days.

Your mortgage is sold. What to do?

It's okay, just now you have a new lender. It gives you the same documents as described above and further issue certified copies of documents confirming the purchase of your loan (mortgage).

And if the lender (the bank) is bankrupt?

When a bank bankruptcy, revocation of his license, the bank introduced a temporary administration, which should resolve all issues with the clients of the bank. The required set of documents can be obtained from it.

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