Denied a mortgage .... ? There is another way!

Today the number of people willing to buy housing in the mortgage grows like mushrooms. The truth is not all smiles luck such as a mortgage loan: the negative credit history, income does not meet the requirements of banks, or simply denied without explanation. It seems to be an initial payment for the acquisition of property there, and stable income, and he kind of is solvent and trustworthy, and banks still refused.

But, in fact, than the risks to the bank that issued the mortgage borrower with negative credit history and no proof of income? After all, he has pledged mortgage apartment .... And nothing. Just deal with the procedures of recovery and spending time in the courts (in the event of something there ...) - this is not the profile bank's activities. It happens. But, as often happens, all that reject one, take others in turn.

Since February 2016 Investment Company "OCD-Invest" at the same time in 6 regions of the country has launched for citizens, which the bank denied mortgage program "Buying housing in installments," a fixed interest rate of 10.5% per annum.

The main advantages of this program:

no requirement for a credit history;
It does not require proof of income;
Guarantors are not required; a low interest rate.
ownership is issued to the client.

application pendency period - 2 days.
Statistics - 96% of approved applications for housing in installments. Already more than a dozen clients of the company in Izhevsk, Kazan and Perm New 2017 Year will be welcomed in their own homes rather than in rented as before. The money that people pay the rent before rented apartments, now going on repayment installments for their own housing.

Investment company "OCD-Invest", in turn, are protected by a pledge of the purchased apartment, so it makes no sense to put forward the requirements of its customers, which they have advanced banks. And besides, the company is not a banking organization to meet these requirements ... Without them, somehow everything is much easier!

So, the essence of this program is as follows:

With a customer order is a contract according to which it entrusts the company to acquire property for him, he has chosen. Once the company is fully bought a house, it is sold to the customer in installments at 10.5% per annum (interest rate is fixed and does not change) on the sales contract. In this installment is issued for up to 25 years, and ownership of the apartment goes to the purchaser immediately. But the apartment is pledged to the Company.

It is important to note that the client is involved in the acquisition of apartment own funds in an amount not less than 20% of the purchase price, the remaining amount of the company incurs.

For providing installments present Commission from 200 000 to 500 000 rubles., Depending on the cost of housing, the amount of down payment for an apartment and period installment.

Thus, the client lives in a house or apartment and pay for their accommodation, where it is the owner, not for someone else!

Restriction on the value of real estate is not the company, which means that the customer can choose any housing "on the soul and on the pocket!"

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