Corporate mortgages. How to take care of the enterprise

the possibility of buying more affordable housing being built by the company itself,
grant a loan, which, in turn, is of two kinds - the subsidy for the down payment or the payment of the interest rate.
Let's look at a mortgage. Such a loan involving the help of his employer and have a corporate mortgage.

In the process of registration of the corporate mortgage involves three parties: the borrower, the company and the lending bank.

For the borrower, in addition to direct subsidies from the company, it is good for the fact that the employer may have with the lending bank payroll project and then the mortgage can be even cheaper. Most banks give a discount to the interest rate for members of salary projects. As a rule, it is a minus of 0.5% to the rate.

It is made out such corporate mortgages, usually in the shortest possible time, because your income in this case, the bank already knows, extra certificates do not need and checks you much faster. In the current conditions of unstable financial market and the real estate market of problematic speed is very helpful.

As the company prepares relationship with his employee at the corporate mortgage?

If the company gives the employee a subsidy or compensation, as mentioned above, it is often with him is the target of the loan agreement. While work - on it you do not pay anything worked, for example, 5 years - nothing should dismiss before 5 years - will have not only the bank, but also to his former employer. There may be exceptional cases where the employee has been working in the company and is especially important scenes, and the company encourages its free subsidy.

Corporate mortgages, incidentally, to some extent, protects personnel against possible compulsory retirement, but it restricts the freedom to quit on their own is difficult.

But in any case, the presence of such assistance from the company is a good thing. After all, the same initial payment is difficult to accumulate, and then the company will give the money. Even then this money will have to pay. Consumer credit will more accurately.

In general, corporate mortgage deal interesting, but as with any mortgage, responsible. There is a good saying on the subject - "free cheese is only in a mousetrap." Think and choose you!

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