What is the role of a criminal lawyer?

Legal assistance in criminal matters can be achieved not only by the suspect or the accused, but also a witness or victim. People that suffer from crime are often faced with a lack of desire to the law enforcement agencies to uphold the interests of the victim (not the decision to institute criminal proceedings, non-refundable material harm from crime, etc.). In this situation, you need at least consulting a criminal lawyer in Kiev.

But, despite this, most of the criminal lawyer interesting defendants and suspects in criminal cases. The defendant may use the services of a lawyer in criminal cases in Kiev at any stage of the case: at the stage of preliminary investigation, at the stage of court proceedings and after have judgments (the announcement of the verdict) to its appeal.

One of the main tasks of the criminal lawyer - identifying the circumstances that justify or at least mitigate the responsibility of the customer. Criminal lawyer working as an independent party to the criminal proceedings.

on criminal cases Lawyer for the conduct of its activities has a wide range of powers:

It has the right to talk with clients in private and without time limit;
participate jointly with the defendant in the investigation (to attend the interrogations);
collect evidence of the client's innocence.
Features criminal attorney to gather evidence is not as extensive as in the power structures, but properly using its authority qualified criminal lawyer gathers all necessary evidence without any problems.

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