Mesothelioma Treatment in Israel

How to choose a mesothelioma treatment abroad depends on the health of the patient, some of the features of the tumor, stage of the cancer and its location. Unfortunately, mesothelioma is an aggressive disease and cancer is often diagnosed at later stages - when it is difficult to remove the tumor by surgery.

Surgical treatment of mesothelioma in Israel is to remove the tumor. When mesothelioma is diagnosed early, surgery can cure cancer. If you can not remove all of the cancerous tumor, surgery may help reduce the symptoms caused by mesothelioma and block the spread of cancer in the body. Minimally invasive VATS lobectomy can be used to reduce the accumulation of fluid as mesothelioma, pleural cancer can cause a buildup of fluid in the chest and shortness of breath. Surgeons can insert the tube or catheter into the chest to drain the fluid and inject medicine for pleurodesis.

Surgical treatment of mesothelioma abroad involves the removal of tissue around the lungs or abdomen. The surgeon can remove the tissue lining the ribs and the lungs (pleurectomy) or the tissue lining the abdominal cavity (peritonectomy). Operation maximum removal of the tumor as possible is called Debulking done to reduce the pain and fluid accumulation-induced mesothelioma. Surgery to remove the lung and surrounding tissue eases the symptoms of mesothelioma, pleural cancer. If the patient is assigned to radiotherapy after surgery, this procedure also allows doctors to use higher doses of radiation.

Chemotherapy is a cancer of the pleura

Systemic chemotherapy can reduce or slow the growth of mesothelioma, tumors that can not be removed by surgery. Chemotherapy may be used before surgery to make operation easier or after surgery (adjuvant chemotherapy) to reduce the likelihood that the cancer will return pleura.

Mesothelioma Treatment in Israel involves intraperitoneal chemotherapy, HIPEC, when drugs are heated and injected directly into the abdominal cavity or intrapleural chemotherapy into the chest cavity in the diagnosis of pleural mesothelioma. Using this strategy, chemotherapy can achieve mesothelioma directly without damaging healthy cells elsewhere in the body. This allows doctors to inject higher doses of chemotherapy drugs.

Mesothelioma Radiation Therapy

Irradiation can reduce the symptoms of pleural mesothelioma. Radiation therapy is sometimes used after biopsy or surgical intervention to prevent the spread of mesothelioma in the surgical incision.

Clinical trials of a new treatment of cancer of the pleura

Clinical trials are research new treatments for mesothelioma in Israel. People diagnosed with mesothelioma can choose a clinical trial as a chance to try new types of mesothelioma treatment. Clinical trials are currently investigating a number of targeted drugs.

Target drug therapy using drugs, to specific disorders in attacking cancer cells. Targeted treatment of mesothelioma abroad includes substances that can block the growth of new blood vessels that feed cancer cells with oxygen, which ultimately leads to their death and the recovery of the patient or the improvement of its quality of life.

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