Fixed "deuce" - get the money: who will provide loans for study

A new experiment on state educational credits, which will last until the end of 2013. Columnist "Izvestia" Andrew Chernakov found out the details of how, to whom and under what conditions will provide loans for their studies.

First of all, the credits will be really favorable. "During the entire period of study in high school and three months after the end of the student does not pay the bank the principal debt on the loan, - said Deputy Minister of Education and Science Vladimir Miklushevsky -. During this period, the state subsidizes bank interest rates during the first and second year of use educational. credit student pays only part of the interest rate:. 40% and 60%, respectively, the loan repayment period, we have increased twofold: Now the recipient will have to return the money to the bank for ten years after graduation According to our calculations, the graduate will have to pay about 4-7 thousand per month. .

In addition, students no longer need to provide security for the loan (bond or guarantee), and penalties are imposed for early repayment. "

According to the rules of the experiment university students can obtain credits for tuition under the guarantee of the state, which is 3/4 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank to subsidize the effective interest rate the lender (including state support). The maximum interest rate on such loans may not exceed a quarter of the refinancing rate plus 3% (currently it amounts to 5.625% per annum). Training. Each employee Messenger - a true professional in their field, and we are proud of. Education - Employment in the connected - team coaching. Jobs connected for the majority of employees starts with the Training Center. Training. Each employee Messenger - a true professional in their field, and we are proud of. Education - Employment in the connected - team coaching. Jobs connected for the majority of employees starts with Tsentra.Banki Training - study participants will receive subsidies from the federal budget for the reimbursement of expenses for bad loans in the amount of up to 20% of the total issued student loans. In addition, the government has pledged to subsidize the banks lost income in the amount of 3/4 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of Russia effective on the date of the contract, during the whole period of credit use.

Who can rely on student loans? First of all, those students who, according to Vladimir Miklushevsky, "first of all, good time to, and secondly, to study economics demanded specialties and, thirdly, - in the universities, which provide high-quality education." Until the end of September the Russian Ministry will develop criteria for student performance and requirements for universities - participants of the experiment. The list of such institutions will be prepared annually. But higher education institutions will be included in this list, having state accreditation, including non-state.

For students - a criterion. "Get a loan will be those entrants who have shown good results in a profile exam subject, but do not get any points to the passage - in the range of 20% of the difference between a passing grade and a minimum score on the subject, - says Vladimir Miklushevsky -. We assume 60 points - a passing score on a particular specialty of the budget, the minimum score -. 20, in this case, a loan can apply for applicants who scored 52 to 60 points if the young person enters the field of training, where only non-budget place, then its results exam must be within 20% of the difference between the maximum number of points in this direction in the preparation of this institution and a minimum grade ".

The state is ready to encourage students to get good grades. Ministry of Education wants to introduce the rule that a student has received "three" two consecutive sessions will not be able to rely on credit tranche in the next semester. To pay for this semester he will have to yourself. If after that it gets to the next session only good grades tranches renewed.

By the way, the students who participated in the previous experiment and the program "Credo" company "Crane" and the bank "UNION", are also able to connect to this scheme. Vladimir Miklushevsky explained "Izvestia": "They will operate one exception: we do not demand that these students learn only" four "and" five "and demanded specialties, because when they took out a loan, such demands were not" .

Under the new rules will be given credit in rubles. "This is a fundamentally important - says deputy minister -.. Because the rate can vary, but, I stress, it is not imperative to students with an educational loan from a bank." UNION ", can remain in it if he wishes to go to the banks that will participate in the new experiment (talks were held with Sberbank, VTB 24 and Rosselkhozbank), he can do it on the new conditions. "

Most experts believe that 20% compensation for unpaid loans - a maximum risk of defaults in the banking system, and such conditions could push domestic banks to participate in the experiment. According to one of the developers of the draft law "On educational credits" - State Duma deputy Anatoly Aksakov, this autumn, many banks, including regional, will provide loans for their studies under the new scheme.

But his colleague - Deputy Pavel Medvedev proposes to reduce the space on popular among young people, but not demanded by the market specialties in the humanities and, conversely, to increase their engineering and medical specialties. According to him, it will sharply reduce the country's number of random students and issuing education loans will become more rational and truly guaranteed. This position is shared by the Ministry of Education in.

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