Benefits of Accidental Insurance Plan

Insurance is a threat management technology. Auto insurance and car insurance. The main purpose is the due protection against financial protection against physical damage or physical injury caused by collisions.

A personal accident insurance policy is an insurance policy that covers risk of accidents, be it at home or outside. By investing in accident insurance, protect your family and yourself from financial worries as loss of income and medical expenses that result in unforeseen accidents. It is the contracts resulting from accidents at home or on the road. When investing in this plan anyone can protect his family from the loss or medical expenses or.

An accident plan would cover the individual and his family against the risk of death due to an accident. In addition, the passenger accident insurance policy, the insured loss of income would, depending on plan that is chosen to compensate in the event of temporary or permanent disability. If you choose a plan, it's a good idea to ensure that more benefits are family transport, transport of imported medicines, purchase of blood, etc..

The good personal accident insurance will keep you in peace of mind when you met with small or large incident. Apollo Munich Health designed individual personal accident plan is based on the principle of prevention and wellness.

Personal accidental insurance but also not only made for you are your family. It is valid for one year and comprises between 5 to 70 years. Children under 5 years can be covered from 91 days to when both parents covered the same policy.

Apollo Munich individual personal accident plan provides for all the benefits that you are looking for. A compensation of 100% of the random sum insured up to Rs 15,00,000 was paid in the event of temporary total disability. It is standard and premium version. This type of insurance is available in two versions: standard and premium.

Apollo Health offers our customers maximum health benefits with minimal effort. All insured members can call the Health Line and saying of their customer number reached our experts and successful primary consultation, health consultation, individual recommendations, health information, nutrition and diet, at no extra cost.

Advantages of accidental insurance:

1. Get a per refunded for the treatment of patients in the hospital by accident.
2. Get a lump sum in case of breakage of the bones by accident.

The accidental policy he say / she must follow the steps
1. Consult. To the insurance company Appolo Munich
(2) the person to talk and tell about the incident as it occurs the accident. Tell him. About the details of the accident Then he / she will help you to maintain
(3) The insured must submit that a number of documents to a refund request form through can download online.
4. Once the form is complete, it is submitted, TPA person or Apollo.

There are advantages of accidental plan:

1. accidental Death
2. Emergency ambulance cover
transpotatation 3. Family
4. change of residence or vehicle
5. Acquisition of blood

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