Mortgages, Mortgages - What is it?

Mortgage loan or mortgage (from the Greek Hipotheka -. Mortgage, mortgage) - a loan. It is issued on the security of real estate. This loan is most often provided by the bank, at the same time as the creditor can act any other entity.

Mortgage borrower provides its obligation to repay the loan secured by real estate, which is owned by his property rights. With the consent of the lessor subject of the mortgage can be a right to lease property.

In Russia, the "mortgage" means a loan, receive it in the bank for the purchase of real estate. British experts have identified that their word - «mortgage», which means that the mortgage is only suitable for real estate, here things do not get another purpose. Get a loan to buy cars or household appliances is not possible.

Buying an apartment in the mortgage the most reliable and secure way to purchase housing. In this case, you pay for the apartment directly to the owner, not to third parties (developers or owners of the cooperative).

Before the purchase and sale is the bank conducts a detailed check of the apartment on all legal issues. In addition, for the duration of repayment of mortgage risks of loss of property rights and the borrower's ability to work insured.

Many mortgage programs that exist in the country and significantly improve the range of services offered in the mortgage market. This allows participants to choose for themselves the best options.


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