Is it possible to get a mortgage without a guarantor

For a long time the banks do not issue mortgages without guarantors, because the presence of a guarantor - it is a way to protect yourself from credit defaults, it is a guarantee that the loan will be repaid. However, the situation changes and the crisis in the mortgage market makes banks to come up with new tools in the pursuit of customers. At the moment, some Russian banks offer mortgages without sureties, in-mainly large banks - Sberbank, VTB 24, Raiffeisenbank and others Mortgages without guarantors -. Is the risk for the bank, as there is no guarantee that the person who took the mortgage will have a stable job throughout the term of the loan. In addition, a loan - it is usually large sums, estimated in millions of rubles. In order to reduce the risks for a mortgage without guarantors banks set more stringent requirements.
Features of mortgage without guarantors:

As mortgage interest without surety above term loan disbursement and the loan amount is less than in the classic mortgage. Often higher and the amount of insurance.
The Bank carries out a serious test of the borrower, you may require a certificate of no debt on housing and other documents on the discretion of the bank, such as the former owners of the apartment, if any.

Often without a mortgage guarantors can only be obtained on the unfinished residential facility, which you can make the right property.
Can be presented and specific requirements for housing, it should be free and ready for occupancy.
Mortgages without guarantors in Sberbank

the country's largest bank provides a tool such as a mortgage without guarantors. For borrowers of the bank following important conditions:
Credit is given for up to 15 years
Loan currency - rubles
Minimum loan amount - 1 million rubles, maximum - 3.5 million rubles
The initial payment is at least 50%
Check out a mortgage without guarantors are Russian citizens between the ages of 21 and 59 years (women up to 54 years) with a continuous length of service on the last job - 1 year.

As we can see, the situation in the mortgage market develops in such a way that many banks make concessions and offer its borrowers to issue a mortgage without guarantors. However, this service has its disadvantages - tougher requirements for borrowers, reducing the term of the loan and the amount of the loan, increasing the interest on the loan, and the initial contribution rises to 50%.

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