How to use the maternity capital to pay off the mortgage?

Most recently, young families there is another option of repayment mortgage - with the help of maternity capital, and although this amount is not very large, it is enough to close the part of the existing debt.

Maternal capital is available to all families at the birth of the second and all subsequent children, but it is stored in a pension fund. The question is: How to use these funds to pay off the mortgage, if they are not in the hands of their owners?

This issue can be easily solved if their own or through her husband, contact the Department of Pension Fund with a corresponding declaration of intent to dispose of his mother's money. Such a statement can be sent by mail, but must be attached to it are not original documents, and copies thereof.

The application to the Department of Pension Fund of the intention to dispose of his mother's capital accompanied by the following documents:

- A certificate for maternity capital;
- Certificate of compulsory pension insurance;
- Documents confirming the identity of the mother and all the family members;
- Documents about the place of your residence and the acquisition of property in the mortgage.

In case of a positive review of your application, the separation of the pension fund will send the maternity capital funds in the bank. It is worth noting that now almost all banks take maternity capital funds. However, we must note that these funds are sufficient only to pay interest.

On our website you can request a mortgage, including for maternity capital. This application is not an official request to the bank, and is used for preliminary calculation and formation of the banks offer for you.

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