How to understand what threatens court loan

If the bank sued for non-payment of the loan in the first place to evaluate the extent of the problem. To do this, you need to come to the office of the court and ask for your case materials for review. As a rule, it is sufficient simply to present a passport, but sometimes even asked to fill in an application - there is nothing wrong with all these details will tell you on the spot. Issued you the documents can be read directly in the office of the court, but it's better just to photograph them at a later date to study in a quiet environment.

The first document to which you should pay attention to the study of the case, it is the claim of the bank. The petition describes the circumstances of the case from the point of view of the bank, but the main thing - it indicates that the bank wants from you. In other words, it is in the statement of claim, you can find the amount that the bank requires you to court. In addition, in the case file you can find other documents provided by the bank to verify their requirements - a credit agreement with the payment schedule, the account statement, the table with the calculation of debt, etc.

After reviewing the materials of the case, you have to decide - are you ready to pay that amount. From this depends, to contact you to credit a lawyer or not. If you do not have legal training, in court, you will not be able to resist their own bank's lawyers who specialize in credit matters. "To put pressure on the pity" and talk about the difficult situation in court is useless, only clear arguments with reference to the laws are taken into account. For this reason, the rejection of a credit lawyer, as a rule, leads to the fact that the judge makes a decision in favor of the bank.

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