How to get a tax deduction on your mortgage?

Not all Russian citizens know that they can save quite a significant amount, buying an apartment on the mortgage loan. This savings would be quite legitimate. People used to buy the borrowed funds, can always benefit from the right to receive a tax deduction under the conditions absolutely any program, starting with the purchase of land and ending with the mortgage for the purchase of a small room.

To get the tax deduction for mortgage civilian can go two ways: contact the Tax Inspectorate or to make an inquiry at the place of work. In a first embodiment, the borrower may require the return of taxes for a specific period of time, that he had paid earlier. The most common time of 1 year is calculated.

Simply put, a person receives the full amount back in full for the year during which his salary is deducted monthly income tax. Translated into figures calculation tax deduction when the mortgage is obtained approximately as follows: give 50 000 monthly salary, working citizen loses 6,500 rubles per month on account of his income tax deduction. Consequently, the annual tax deduction will reach 78 000. Naturally, for the family, taking on a mortgage, this amount is quite substantial, so the right to tax deduction must be used without fail.

With regard to the tax deduction for the employer, in this case still have to visit the tax office. The fact that a person needs to get a special tax notice, which confirms its right to property deduction. After that, the citizen must submit documents and notify the accounting department at the place of work. The result of such treatment would be the absence of the monthly deduction of income tax during the year. That is, the employee will receive "net" salary for as long as the act of his right to property deduction.

Such a tax deduction for the payment of the mortgage has the following advantages:
application is considered no more than 30-days;
wage increases significantly;
citizen by submitting an application and provide a package of necessary documents, gets a tax deduction on the expiration of one month.

It's worth knowing that if in the near future is planned to change the workplace, it is necessary to draw the deduction by tax office, that is, going by the above-mentioned first. If this is not done, then the tax notice citizen can only get through the year.

Unfortunately, even if the citizen had to calculate the tax deduction on the mortgage, and, apparently, does not see any problem in getting the property deduction, it may be rejected, the reasons for which are the different factors. For example, he does not get a tax deduction in the event that housing, which it claims, have already been sold or donated.

Also, do not count on the deduction, if the citizen has exercised its right in this regard, since it is provided only once in life. Here it is possible to make a purchase and sale transaction, which took place between relatives, which means that property shall not be deductible.

When a failure, you must first know the cause, as sometimes carelessly Tax inspection processes documents, avoiding mistakes. If the case will be covered in this case, the citizen has to reapply or appeal court. Of course, the judicial process will take time, but it's worth it.

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