How to defer repayment of the loan?

As the statistics in Russia every fourth customer of the bank, get a loan can not repay it. In fact, there are any causes of job losses to start a repair. When difficulties begin with the monthly payments, most borrowers believe that the repayment deferral will help in this situation and close the question. However, it is not so, but rather, only when provided for a small period to delay the customer will return a salary, and enough to increase its size: for a loan by that time will double.

Sami bank employees are advised to immediately refer to them as soon as problems arise. If arrears on the loan is not there, you can get a break on loan payments or reducing the monthly amount, while increasing the crediting period. But we must bear in mind that these benefits can only be 1 time per year.

What documents are required?

In addition to the documents that testify to the difficult circumstances: Help form 2-PIT, birth certificate, proof of illness of a family member, a copy of employment record with a mark of dismissal, etc., - the customer has to bring his plan to a bank solutions problems, indicating the size of the most possible benefits per month, which can not be less than the accrued interest for the loan. Company, familiarized with these securities, shall take a decision usually after 2-7 days - to defer repayment of the loan the client or not. Later formalized agreement to modify the loan agreement, which describes the conditions for granting a deferral.

How is realized the delay on the loan?

Among experts there is a change in credit conditions, entitled "Restructuring the loan." For its implementation, these methods can be applied:

Usually it is given a short respite (usually 1-12 months) to repay the loan principal (in other words, it is a credit vacation), debt that is the client pays only the interest on the current loan. loan costs in this situation increase, but do not need to pay penalties for delay.
Increased life of the loan agreement and, therefore, the repayment period of the loan increases, as the bank wishes, for 1-3 years, that is, the amount of debt divided by the greater number of months. Expenses increased again, but the monthly amount is reduced.
It reduces the amount of interest for a period with further increase to cover the cost of the bank in connection with a permanent reduction in the size of payments.
It should be emphasized that the postponement of payment is specified in the contract only on certain types of loans (education, construction, real estate loan for repair). All other situation where delay in the loan documents is not observed, the decision on granting a delay and change the terms of the contract is managed by only one bank.

One way out of the difficult financial situation - refinancing of the loan, in other words, subject to availability, you can take another loan at low interest rates, and they repay the loan, the former. The customer, therefore, is only recently obtained a loan, but with a lower interest rate.

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