How long is the court with the bank loan

Follow-up to the moment when the bank sued for non-payment of the loan, the CPC clearly defined - the Civil Procedure Code. However, the terms of these steps in practice may differ significantly from the fixed-in-law, and especially clearly manifested in the overloaded courts of Moscow. In the regions, the load on the courts usually smaller, so there GIC terms is more or less respected. If you want to know the real forecast, you need to contact a lawyer, who has a practice in your area.

If we talk specifically about Moscow, the ordinary court for non-payment of the loan lasts from 3 to 9 months. If your interests will be represented by a professional lawyer, he will be able both to reduce and to extend this, depending on what tasks you face. For example, when our customers put a maximum goal to tighten litigation, we are increasing the length of about one and a half years. During this time, our clients have time to correct financial position or simply redistribute the movable and immovable property "right" way.

The above terms as the court takes on the loan - this is only approximate guidelines. More accurately predict the duration can be only after reading all the details of a particular situation. For example, the speed of the courts depends on the season: in January-February, cases are markedly slower than in November and December, when the judges need to close the maximum number of cases before the New Year. The average for Moscow "plug" for each stage of the trial for non-payment of the loan is provided in the following table:

Step number in the trial phase duration
1  The bank filed a lawsuit in court "zero" point of the trial
2  The Court held a preliminary meeting from 1 to 6 weeks
3  The court held a major meeting (hearing on the merits) One meeting - from 2 to 6 weeks, usually      takes two to three meetings. Thus, the hearing occupies substantially total of 4 to 18 weeks.
4 Borrower (or his lawyer) was the court's decision and filed an appeal from 2 to 4 weeks
5 The appeal is considered by the appellate court from 3 to 8 weeks
6 Bank received the appeal from the determination of 1 to 4 weeks
TOTAL of 11 to 40 weeks

If you need a more accurate estimate for the timing of the trial, we recommend that you contact our lawyers for advice on the phone. Even a short conversation often helps to get an answer to the key issues and avoid typical mistakes. However, if your situation has reached the Court, or you expect to trial in the near future, we strongly recommend that you go to a lawyer's personal reception. Trust our experience, only a professional lawyer can confront in court the bank's lawyers, who not only knows all the details of the laws, but sometimes personally familiar with court staff.

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