Accident insurance: what it is to be insured

Among the products in the market of insurance, accident insurance - not the most popular. Based on these statistics, such a policy has approximately 1.5-2% of the Russian citizens. By the way, many of his purchase was a forced measure: when you visit a mass event or when purchasing a passenger ticket. In general, the Russians rarely think about the accident insurance, because we are sure that nothing will happen to them, and if they happen - such a protective measure is unlikely to help them. For comparison, accident insurance is very common in Europe and in the United States.

The position of the Russians on this issue - is wrong, because the natural disaster, the emergence of a disease or a hooligan attack - not a rarity in our time, and prepare for them.

In practice, every person, regardless of age and / or state of health can be insured against accidents both on the short term, for example, at the time of operation, and the long-term, a year or more. It all depends on the purpose of insurance and the program selected.

From what to insure?

Often, people seeking to protect themselves, puzzled need to select risks. Most insurance companies offer a standard set of services. For example, you can protect yourself from lightning strikes, the effects of explosion, otravleniyaZastrahovatsya chemicals and poisonous plants, electric current, malicious attacks, animal bite, falling objects on the insured person, vehicle crash, ingestion of foreign bodies, polio, as well as from different injury, including, obtained in the home and other cases.

But not all accidents can be insurance. Agree, there is a difference between a serious injury, illness or even death and a short period of disability. The incident, which was to be expected, too, will not be deemed an insured event: for example, if a trouble occurs to a person as a result of mental illness, chronic disease, hypertension, or during sports. Compensation also is unlikely to be paid if the personal injury occurred during the riots, strikes or acts of war.

Sometimes though the insurer recognizes the misfortune as an insurance case, but the situation will not pay compensation. This is possible, if at the time of trouble the insured person was in a state of alcohol or drugs or if the policyholder at the time of injury, suicide or attempted to commit illegal actions.

Insurance payment

Insurance payment is made, as a rule, within the time specified in the contract, and its size is calculated as a percentage of the sum insured and, depending on the severity of the injury and the cost of treating the disease. The more severe the injury and its consequences, the greater will be the amount of insurance compensation. insurance payment amount depends on the insured - at the conclusion of the contract he may determine it's size. But if the amount is large, then the cost of insurance is not cheap.

In any case, you need to think twice: Do you have a high probability of the insured event, and whether it makes sense to pay more for insurance that you can, and do not need.

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