Why insure life when you make a mortgage?

Do I need life insurance if yreshili to get a mortgage? In most cases - yes. But do not be so afraid of this procedure. insurance Registration will not take a lot of time, and in some cases can completely shift all the action on the servicing bank. The financial institution has always cooperated with several insurance companies, so the customer will only have to choose the best option for him.

In this case, the cost of life insurance with a mortgage can be repaid at the expense of borrowed funds. But if you want a citizen may apply to any independent office to issue the contract there. Then he will have to collect all the documents on their own, and the insurance premium to pay from his own pocket. Bank then need a copy of the contract.

Life insurance at registration of the mortgage will also help relieve the borrower's family to pay his debts in the event of death. Unfortunately, no one is safe from accidents and does not know how much time he devoted to this world. And if the customer is insured, in the event of the sudden death of all debt obligations will cover the insurance agency, and the heirs will be able to renew the apartment on the procedure established by the legislation.

This approach is the most appropriate from a human point of view. After all, if the borrower does not extinguish the loan and will be no one financial institution was evicted from the apartment of relatives living there and put property up for auction to recover the remainder of the debt itself. In this case, if the lot will be sold for an amount greater than the debt, the heirs will be refunded the difference in cash. But this compensation, certainly not enough to buy a new home.

There is another option, which allows relatives of the deceased to renew the mortgage and continue to pay the remainder of the debt and interest. But if the family breadwinner loses, then this option will be useless, since the required amount on a monthly basis to take to make the next payment is simply nowhere. Therefore, reviews of life insurance with a mortgage and are so diverse. Those who have all gone well, and the loan was repaid, complaining that they had to overpay. And who is faced with the onset of the insured event, on the contrary, grateful that at one time was arranged insurance.

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