What you need life insurance when you make a mortgage?

The scope of mortgage lending is one of the main areas of banking activity. Throughout the country, building new housing facilities capable of providing their own housing hundreds of thousands of Russians. But the problem is that only a few can afford to buy an apartment on their own savings.

The rest need to design special-purpose loan, followed by the return of long-term debt and interest thereon. One of the conditions for receiving money is a life insurance with mortgage. The fact that the debt repayment period can be 25 and even 30 years, and during this time the borrower can happen anything. Therefore, the financial institution must be sure that will be able to recover their assets, even upon the occurrence of adverse events.

Banks do not apply to offices, earning on investing risky projects. Therefore, to give up the insurance will not be possible. There are programs in which it is not mandatory, but they are designed for short-term and have a number of significant limitations, in particular on the amount of the loan. The interest rate on these loans will also be overestimated.

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