Work with an insurance company: a promising and profitable

Work with an insurance company: a promising and profitable

Today in Ukraine there are about 250 insurance companies, and many experts believe the insurance business one of the most promising and fastest growing. In this industry you can be fast enough to make a career.

It is very important that many companies are actively recruiting young people with no or minimal experience, because the staff is just not enough. So, if you are a young professional, then you have every chance to get a job in an insurance company.

Insurance is a separate branch of which has its own characteristics to be aware of. In general, insurance is: "Creating of funds that are paid in case of adverse events."

Come in a variety of directions:

    risk insurance
    property insurance
    liability insurance

In Ukraine, the insurance business with started to develop only after independence, but rather at the end of the 90s. Who is the insurance business in Ukraine is developing very rapidly, which can be described as a "boom". Working in the insurance company is becoming more popular.

There are new companies, there is an active inflow of investment from abroad, come to foreign companies. Common steel mergers and acquisitions among players in the market, and all of this involves a lot of money.

If something of that you have, then you can become a good insurance professional and having worked a year and a half at the initial positions and then go to the "big bosses", as companies grow and managers recruited from yesterday's young insurers.

In addition to the necessary professional knowledge (the ability to understand the relevant services and conditions of insurance) agent, as representatives of the business, must necessarily be outgoing personality and stress.

But that's not all. Success in this business depends on the ability to "calculate" the potential client. Experienced agents know: offer their services to all and sundry can not. Instead, the transaction and making profits you can get a good share of negative emotions. Insurance agent - a kind of psychologist. Its main task - to accurately identify customer needs and provide the best solutions to problems.
Who can work in an insurance company?

The most popular are:

    Insurance agent
    Insurance Specialist
    Leaders network of agents
    Top management

Most of these positions can be reduced to a manager in insurance. Or rather, a person who enters into the insurance transaction. Given the growing market actively, now I feel an acute shortage of insurance professionals.

Of course, the work of an insurance company has its own characteristics. First, you need to understand the intricacies of insurance. This is a fairly complex area and space for learning a lot. Secondly, in most cases the work involves insurance professionals actively working with people, so you need to be a bit of a psychologist and be prepared for lots of communication. And third, most likely you will want to sell insurance, which requires sales skills, tenacity and vigor.
Let me teach

Due to staff shortage, many large insurance companies have opened their schools for training insurance agents. What is attractive, training is free of charge. In this company, organized courses, do not impose any obligation on the audience. That is to be trained, and it is useful for a career in related fields, absolutely free of charge.

Education in the school takes no more than a week. On average - three to five days, 4-5 hours a day. Teach in the first place, to understand the insurance, "to understand the product." The obligatory point of the program is to study the regulatory framework for insurance activities, as well as the basics of document management. And taught how to issue contracts to work competently with clients and so on.
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Earnings insurance agent mainly consists of commissions from the sale of insurance products. The amount of remuneration depends on the type of insurance varies from 10% to 25% of the contract sum. For example, the average price for a car insurance policy Hull, worth $ 20,000, is $ 1,500. That is, the agent who sold this type of insurance will receive a minimum of $ 150.

In life insurance, the commission also depends on the duration of the contract and can reach 30-50%. This is despite the fact that life insurance is one of the most expensive products. But to sell such insurance is much more complicated than the policies of popular types of life insurance.

In some companies, there are so-called system of financing agent. This means that, subject to the sales plan insurance agent in addition to the commission still receives a fixed rate - usually from $ 100 to $ 300. As an additional incentive and bonus programs are diverse, encouraging leaders of sales agents and so on.

But in the first month of the novice may not be able to sell a single product. But the free schedule of work of an insurance agent is quite allows him not to go to the principal place of business, and earnings from the agency activities be regarded as an extra.

Insurance agent can be a temporary part-time job and start a career in the insurance business. Development options may be several. Career growth depends on personal ambitions and abilities. An insurance agent can count on a place in the company. And when certain criteria can apply for a managerial position. For example, an insurance agent can count on a place in the sales department (as opposed to agents, staff "salespeople" generally work with corporate clients and conduct transactions in larger amounts).

According to the insurers, the position of the agent - is the ideal starting step for a career in the financial sector. Firstly, because the big companies, especially with foreign capital, like "grow" their own staff. Second, the experience "in the field" to help future managers to better understand market needs and to feel the situation. However, to get to the office staff, the expert will have at least six months to effectively work freelance.

By the way, not necessarily pursue a career all in the same company. A good specialist will be happy not only all the insurance companies, but also banks. After all, there also have departments whose work is connected with insurance.

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