What if the lost opportunity to pay the mortgage

What if the lost opportunity to pay the mortgage

It is good when everything is good! And nice to have the opportunity to promptly and fully to make mortgage payments. And if not? If the situation is such that the mortgage has become a burden? What's in this case?

First, you need to calm down and take a sober look at the prospects for their own material. If you just lost their jobs, then your difficulties may be temporary, and you will return to the ranks of neat borrowers, barely podyschu new location. In this case, your assistant - Bank. According to individual agreement creditor may transfer your payments from monthly to quarterly, or provide you with a payment holiday. But keep in mind that the report of this kind is necessary to the difficulties of the next payment due date and always in writing. So your request is not to be ignored, and you can avoid penalties and fines.

If you restore the solvency of its own for a couple of months does not work, you can try to restructure the loan with the help of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending. Restructuring means that within a year you make feasible for the payments, in parallel trying to restore its own solvency. After this, the bank distributes any amount you had to owe for each month remaining loan term, or he increases the period.

Restructuring is convenient because it provides a long timeout, and is advantageous in that does not increase the amount of the loan. However, to take advantage of the restructuring program may not all. To this end, credit history of the borrower should not have black spots in the form of arrears, the borrower, as well as members of his family should not be savings and assets sufficient for the execution of the debt, and most importantly - the acquired mortgage housing must be the only one.

If the loss is long-term solvency of the character, for example, because of the bankrupt business, divorce, etc., have only one thing - selling the apartment. And the main thing here is to avoid a situation where an apartment at auction scheme will start selling the bank, because in this case it will be cheaper than the market price by 20% - 30% interest, and therefore remain fairly large outstanding debt.

If you realize that you can no longer pay the mortgage and you do not need an apartment, once bought on credit, better organize its own sale, in which case it is possible to get full market value. Fortunately, there have been times when banks are reluctant to give permission to sell collateral objects, and now to receive a paper need only a couple of weeks.

As for the procedure sale property, located pledged to the bank, it is not much different from the usual deal. The principal difference is that the money (or part thereof if the amount owed is less than the cost of the apartment) are transferred to the account of the bank. And, of course, all this can be done through a real estate agency.

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