Vehicles that do not get to buy a mortgage

Vehicles that do not get to buy a mortgage
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The apartment, which is purchased with a mortgage loan is essentially two masters - the buyer and the bank. And who is the host to a greater extent this does not make sense to argue and argue, because, like everything is clear. So far so good, and the borrower is making payments regularly, he is the master, but as soon as he ceases to pay, the bank becomes the owner.
For the bank has credited the apartment - it is a source of income. And such it should remain, even in the case of bankruptcy of the borrower. If this happens, the bank returns the money by selling the collateral apartment. But as you know, not every property is marketed with the same success, and because banks are very meticulously belong to the estate, which is given credit for.
Also banks have a list of objects for which they would not give money.

You can not buy a room
Today, no bank in Moscow is not ready to finance the purchase of rooms in communal apartments. Meanwhile, realtors believe, if such programs were, they would certainly have enjoyed success. First of all, in young people and families. Many of them can not get a mortgage for an apartment in the first place, because of the low salary (35 000), and secondly, because of the lack of down payment, which in the case of buying an apartment in Moscow must be at least 900 000.
On the other hand, these people could easily overpower and a down payment and mortgage payments, if we were talking about the rooms. After all, their average cost of capital is 2 000 000 - 2.6 million rubles.
Banks do not lend communal due to difficulties in their sales as the refusal of the city and neighbors, as well as due to the fact that the liquidity of the room can not be predicted. The price of a communal - a very subjective thing: today, residents of neighboring rooms quiet intelligent family, and tomorrow in these rooms can be occupied alcoholics. As a consequence - a room instantly become cheaper.
It is not even discussed. The bank will not give credit for the purchase of shares, because her estate and a name difficult. After the purchase of a share does not guarantee the right to reside in the apartment. A fraction of the cost - is generally a separate, sad song. And if once upon a time, in exceptional cases and not very long period of banks gave loans to buy apartments is the lending of shares was never even a question. I dare say that and never will.
Apartments in buildings to be demolished
In Moscow, the borrower will not be able to buy mortgaged apartment, located in the house for demolition. Banks shun difficulties and red tape that are sure to arise when transferring the collateral from the old to the new apartment. Also, the liquidity of new apartments may be doubtful because of the remoteness of the new house. Realtors say that, indeed, often apartments in new buildings and in new areas are cheaper than in the non-floor buildings demolished.
Apartments in buildings with wooden beams
An integral part of the mortgage - this insurance collateral. And insurers refuse to insure high-value apartments with wooden beams. And here the circle closes: there is no guarantee repayment of the loan - no loan.
Apartments in dilapidated houses and buildings to be reconstructed
As in previous cases, here in the first place, banks are skeptical of liquidity facilities, which will be transferred to bail in the case of resettlement of residents, and secondly, such an apartment will not insure none of the insurance company. It must be said that the insurance company to shelter impose much stricter rules than banks.
For example, they may refuse to insure an apartment, if they consider that the house was too worn communications, and the roof is in bad condition.
As for the banks, they just will not give mortgages for apartments, located in homes and barracks in the so-called "Dormitory." Not prokredituet apartment that is located in a wooden house, of course, if it is not a modern eco-friendly cottages.
It is impossible to get a loan for an apartment, where she was held, but was not legalized redevelopment. Because the deal with the object may be invalidated.
And, of course, will not get credit for an apartment that has any encumbrances. It is necessary to know what a burden is even the current rental agreement. If they know about it the bank's employees, they do not sign the authorization for the purchase, as long as this contract is not terminated.

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