Requirements for the pensioner for a mortgage

Requirements for the pensioner for a mortgage:1. It is no secret that in retirement, many continue to work for a long time. Accordingly, the first requirement - it is the experience at the same place must be at least 6 months.2. Your income must be sufficient to repay the loan and a comfortable existence.3. As a rule, banks are considering pensioners, if they turn to the bank before the age of 65.Mortgage pensioners
Get a mortgage pensioner difficult, but possible.

Of the benefits: the majority of pensioners, unlike young people in the property already has a property, savings and other assets, which is definitely an advantage for a decision on granting a loan.Of the minuses: a short term loan. Most banks lend to pensioners up to 65 years, and only a small number of banks willing to lend up to 75 years old (at the time of repayment of the loan).Life and health insurance of the borrower-pensioner will cost much more than the young man.If you are retired and you need a loan, then there are two options: either to issue a mortgage on their purchasing power relative who is not a pensioner, or seek help from a specialist who will select the bank with the maximum possible term of the loan, comfortable monthly payments and the best interest rate.


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