Pros and cons of mortgage

Pros and cons of mortgage

Someone takes a mortgage is a wonderful opportunity to start living better today, and someone the prospect of many years to be a debtor of the bank is incredibly frightening. But, anyway, I have a mortgage has its pluses and minuses. And on closer examination it appears that the pros anymore.

Pros mortgages

1) The solution of the housing problem in the short term
2) Buying an apartment in the absence of significant savings
3) Ability to buy an apartment larger area than allow their own funds
4) Ability to buy a new home without selling available
5) Ability to abandon rental housing, while not significantly increasing their monthly expenses
6) Ability to register in the apartment to repay the debt

Cons mortgages

1) The inevitable overpayment. Under some circumstances it may be up to 100 percent or more.
2) Limiting the amount of the loan
3) Restriction of freedom of choice when buying (you can buy only the apartment, which approved the Bank)
4) The existence of some difficulties in selling the apartment to repay the loan

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