Mortgages - How is the assessment of the apartment and what to do if an expert underestimated the cost?

How is the assessment of the apartment and what to do if an expert underestimated the cost?

Those who have decided to buy an apartment in the mortgage, certainly faced with the need to assess it. This is an expert opinion which reflects the real market value of the object, and which the Bank finalization of the loan amount. This conclusion provides a special company engaged in assessment at the same time in two ways - by comparing with the same object for sale, and viewing it.

In order to get an expert opinion on the market value of the apartment or house in the first place, it is necessary to leave the evaluators application together with a copy of the certificate of ownership, BTI plan and explication. Next to agree the visit of experts and ensure that during a visit to the apartment they have taken into account all of its positive aspects. On the expiry of the period for issuing the conclusion should review it carefully, and if you disagree with the views of the evaluators, use the services of another company.

It is worth noting that to date, the work of experts to assess the few who has come under criticism. Considerable experience, the desire to preserve the reputation and the lack of benefits from the corruption of data, allows a qualified and impartial assessment.

However, since the evaluators - it is real people, and they, like all fallible results of the examination can sometimes unpleasant surprise. In particular low cost. Because it directly threatens a decrease in the loan amount and, therefore, the danger is not to buy the selected item, you can ask for a re-evaluation. If the company refuses, referring to the competence of their staff, can hire the services of other companies, and to give to the bank two conclusions. In this case, the procedure for issuing money to buy an apartment or a house a few drags, as the bank will be forced to carry out an independent examination, but the probability to get the right amount of increase many times. In the 60 - 70% of the banks come to the conclusion that the re-evaluation reflects a more realistic picture.

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