Mortgage give all

Mortgage give all

Real Estate Market experts say that banks have become more loyal to the mortgage borrowers. Those requirements, which were previously required, today went to the rank of desirable or steel not significant at all. Today, to get a mortgage can be a great deal. Exception - tried and citizens under investigation, the elderly, the unemployed, as well as debtors and violators of credit agreements.

Earlier in the same list were young borrowers, disabled, citizens who are not registered in the city are going to buy an apartment and even bachelors. Now these borrowers, banks are very loyal. The reason - to change the economic and social situation.

Thus, until recently, to arrange a mortgage person had to wait until he turns 25 years old. Younger citizens are considered unreliable and insolvent. However, with the big-scale development of information technologies, which mainly occupied by young people, including university graduates yesterday, many borrowers who are under 25 years old, moved into the category of solvent.

At one time, for some reason, it was believed that bachelors are prone to improper performance of mortgage contracts, because the banks have looked disapprovingly on the desire to free from the bonds of marriage a man to buy an apartment in the mortgage. Now banks to idle citizens are exactly the same as a family, since experience has shown that the presence of the spouse of the borrower does not make it any more or less responsible.

In the early years of the appearance of the Russian mortgage market, a prerequisite for its registration was the presence of permanent registration in the region where the apartment is sold. In other words, even when working in the capital and earning enough money, people can not buy an apartment in Moscow without registration here. Today, for the registration of the mortgage enough to be a citizen of Russia and have in the region, where the planned purchase of an apartment, a temporary registration.

Until the moment when the life and health insurance at registration of the mortgage borrower has not been translated from mandatory to voluntary, buy an apartment on credit could not only people with disabilities working groups, but even those who have chronic diseases. Such citizens insurance companies simply refused to insure. Now the borrower can do without a life insurance contract, but in this case the interest rate will be slightly higher.

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