Mortgage became another

Mortgage became another

It is no secret that for a mortgage, but rather on who takes it, to what extent and for how many years, greatly affects the macroeconomic environment. If it is successful, and a large percentage of borrowers acquiring apartments with a minimum down payment and expects to pay on the loan for 10 - 15 years. Also, a pleasant climate, says the increase in macroeconomic investment purchases with the involvement of bank funds. As for the mortgage, it is in times of economic prosperity its rates fall, and volumes are increasing.

Quite different is the situation when the financial market is in decline or its anticipation. That is now. Experts unanimously declare that the mortgage in Russia is rapidly enters crisis mode. Despite the fact that the proposals of banks are full of stocks and spetsusloviyami, for several months the real rate on the mortgage is not less than 15% per annum. Accordingly, the mortgage borrowers are beginning to use more carefully and only in cases of extreme necessity. Loans taken for exchanges, for example, when I was "kopeck piece" to "three-ruble note" and try as quickly as possible to pay off the loan. Well, of course, a high percentage of mortgage discourages citizens want to buy an apartment in Moscow or the Moscow region for investment purposes.

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