Insurance agent - seller "drugs from fear"

Insurance agent - seller "drugs from fear"

Today, the agent - the main person of any insurance company. Rare client comes to insurance companies alone, it is necessary to find and motivate.

This is what these experts are engaged, by which sold more than half of policyholders.

It so happened that many insurance agents associated with the employees once the only one of its kind Gosstrakh. In fact, the profession is much older - even before the support of the authorities engaged in insurance merchants, for whom this was a side business. Insurance at the state level introduced in our country in 1921, and it is by no means compulsory.

Experts point out that the company, and ordinary citizens, have recently become increasingly turn to the insurance company. Of course, the role played by the fact that banks do not issue a mortgage without insurance, and to safely get behind the wheel of your car insurance policy is required. Accordingly, this leads to an increase in the number of agents and their relevance in the marketplace.

In our country, this profession is not listed as high as in the West, where it is among the three most prestigious, but it is growing in popularity among Russian citizens.
A solid arsenal

In principle, the work of the representative of the insurer's obligation resembles a sales manager. The difference of one thing: "product" agent can not be touched, it offers people the peace of mind that if their lives trouble happens, they do not lose all at once.

What exactly does this fellow? First of all he is looking for customers everywhere: attends companies and activities where there is a chance to meet with potential customers, nazvanivaet those whose phones procured, meets with them personally, tells about the programs, answers questions, gives reason convinces. The best result of these meetings - the conclusion of an insurance contract. But this function "guardian angel" is not limited. If the "worst case", he fulfills the obligations of the company, for example, assesses the damage caused to the victim. Its task is also to work with disaffected than ever insured. But even if nothing has happened, "the drug dealer from fear" still should not forget about the client, put a fat point in the relationship with the person, after payment of the premiums - a good agent is communicating with his client.

In parallel, an employee self-develops: exploring new programs and products, their pros and cons, insurance conditions, the pitfalls. The more he knows, the higher the quality. Baggage must be a very, very decent. The arsenal should include knowledge of the legal framework, the basics of marketing, psychology and etiquette. It is useful, and the ability to analyze the situation well to remember numbers.
Universal chance

Insurance agents are not born, they become. In principle, the organization is ready to take virtually all comers. Immediately determine whether the applicant would be a good employee, you can not - only time will tell. To some extent help to tests that are newcomers, but they do not provide an absolute guarantee. So the chance to have any sufficiently educated person.

A diploma is in this area, employers usually do not require, although a number of universities have the Department of Insurance. But higher or secondary special education in the field of psychology, pedagogy, economics (by and large almost any field) does not prevent, as well as have experience dealing with people.

Typically, employers themselves are preparing agents "for themselves", and do so for the most part free of charge. Activities may last a month or two, however, and after the end of a good company does not throw an employee to fend for themselves: in a few months carried out an internship "in the field", in other words, the newcomer is attached curator, who will check the correctness of the contract, and help to understand the complexity of the program, give an adequate response to the client too hypochondriac. Due to short course errors at first doing enough.

What is taught future (correct to call them potential) agents? Literally all the details: what are the insurance products and how they differ (emphasis is on major programs, which account for the largest number of policyholders) as provided an opportunity to the client how to talk to them, how to catch what they need, how to offer one or the other service as to conclude an agreement ...

Companies often provide training and knowledgeable staff, agents, team leaders. In these sessions, students master the subtleties of working with more complex products and reputable customers. For example, if the Cubs have to deal with insurance contracts vehicles, buildings, household goods, the competence of experienced employees include voluntary medical insurance, auto insurance, life insurance.
To get into the stream

During training and internships himself freshly worker, and specialists with experience will recognize the agent obtained from the beginner or not. Screenings occurs precisely at first. Who is most often become an insurance agent? In 75% of cases, a person with higher education, sociable, competent, hardworking, proactive, patient, easy-going, responsible, energetic, aspiring to make a career. Age it is typically 25-37 years. Agents can be people who have to work in a particular area, and former students (this business is a good start as a professional). Formerly considered a purely female profession, and although today the fairer sex among insurance agents still more, about one-third of them are men.

What else makes it possible to succeed in this field? Knowledge of "audience": how much income families are potential policyholders, some property owned, which may fear. Important appearance and employee: it must inspire confidence, desire to communicate with him. But this is not the most important thing. Among the primary concern of knowledge in the field of psychology - the agent must be able to influence people. Among the required qualities and skills have to talk, persuade, argue, argue, organize information. In addition, organization is needed, because in most cases, insurance agents work independently, are not included in the staff of the company and plan their activities themselves. It is desirable to have and stress, because when denying the first, second and third time, it is important not broke, do not think like you on what does not fit. Among other things necessary (and it is not even discussed!) Is great to know your "product". If a representative of the insurance company will float permanently stray and peek into the crib, consumers are unlikely to trust him.

Sami clients consider most important as an agent of a pronounced interest in their problems, professionalism and speed of competitive selection of the program and registration policy. But the impatient attempt to have his own, excessive aggressiveness, and familiarity with the uncertainty in the responses, not knowing all the details of the programs offered, for errors in the policy and evasion of the responses will stand "experts" bad service. Although a novice in the field of security can be understood - in a few weeks of classes, even if they wanted to he could not reach the level of an experienced professional. He does not have time to recover, as he has thrown into the breach (in this case, the campaign for the client) with a stack clamped in his hand and a power of attorney from the policies of the organization. At first, he just scared to turn to a probable customer, refusal to hear scary, to say or write something wrong. Only warms the soul understanding not gods pots.

In the eyes of the ideal employer insurance agent - sociable, responsible, well-balanced young employee respectable appearance. He is able to quickly ingratiate himself a stranger, diversified, has for some education in addition to 11 years of schooling. Among the required qualities employers often called the result-oriented, ability to work in a team.

Most active light rapid career growth. Initially, newcomers improve their skills, and, accordingly, increasing their salaries. "Green" agent knows only unpretentious food, working under the direction of the curator and the most sought after on compulsory car insurance usually does not fuss. Therefore, it gets a little bit in the first few months, because the workers live off the commission, but they are small, and the customers are not every day: the dense, then empty.

At this stage, you need to thoroughly investigate other insurance products and gain customer base. Then you can skim the cream - to offer "their" customers new programs to renew contracts. Usually, on the formation of leaves a year, plus or minus a few months. Many companies alter native, starting work at several employers, and offer customers a single policy from the company "A", the second has a different risk - from the organization of the "B". Experienced insurance brokers often receive large sums in this way, we are talking about a few thousand dollars a month. If they are quite happy with a free flight, they are developing in this direction. And you want more - you can enter into the company-insurer, to become a manager and consultant in charge of a particular project or a group of employees. Further - more should seek the post of head of the insurance agency, and in the future more united firms. This is a direct road to the "tops".
Potentsiany income

Today, the Declaration by the insurance agent about hiring figures income from 500 to 2000 dollars. In general, the representative of the insurer typically receives 10-20% of the transaction amount. However, the super agent, with the surplus, can be counted on the fingers.

In some companies are starting to pay salary and transferred them to the commission only after some time, when a person acquires a more or less decent experience. A number of insurers, depending on the knowledge and the experience of employees assigns a category, which determine the scope of authority and specialist functions.
What is the beauty of the profession of insurance agent?

Firstly, even if you are not accustomed to the company, it will learn not to be afraid of people and communicate normally with them. Second, master the art of sales. Third, you do not need to sit all day in the office - free schedule. Of course, for the Conservatives, who are used to and from work, rather, it is a disadvantage, but unorganized people such work teaches self-discipline. In any case, at first, beginners are advised to come to the service every day and learn, learn, learn from colleagues. As a guaranteed salary of the agent in many cases still is not available, no one will blame for the lack of signed contracts - it's a private matter. Typically, employees themselves are trying to make as many transactions, knowing that the wolf legs are fed. Fourth, you can become an agent, having any education, and in almost any age. Fifth, this work itself is a good school of life as taught to understand people.

At the same time the bread "guardian angel" gets hard. Beginners (however, more experienced, too) do not just have to deal with failure. Contact with customers at all difficult - clients across different and not always pleasant. Besides constantly have to adapt to the insurer, for example to meet him in the evening after work or at the weekend, take the time to come. Some candidates scares and lack of a stable salary, in this case, there is a sense the first few months to find an additional source of income.

In general, studies show that the ratio of the profession of insurance agent has recently become more positive. Experts in this field are in demand by companies and a piece of bread and butter.

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