Insurance agent: duties

Insurance agent: duties

Insurance agent - representative of the insurance company. It operates on the conclusion of contracts of property and personal insurance.

Learning regional conditions and the demand for certain insurance services. Analyses of the regional contingent of potential customers, serving individuals and entities representing the institutions, organizations and enterprises of different ownership forms. Conducts reasoned conversation with potential and regular customers to get them interested in the conclusion or renewal of contracts of insurance (life and health, movable and immovable property, business and commercial activities, and others.).

In the process of working with clients monitors, evaluates the characteristics of perception, memory, attention, motivation, behavior, and provides understanding when contracting for insurance services. Establishes criteria and risk when contracting for insurance services, given the state of health, age, sex, education, length of employment, the level of material security and other subjective qualities that characterize the client.

Concludes and draws up insurance contracts, governs the relationship between the insured and the insurer, provide for their implementation, performs the acceptance of insurance premiums. It ensures the correct calculation of premiums, processing of insurance documents and their safety. Promotes interest and demand for insurance services, taking into account the need to strengthen the material and moral support of various sectors of the population, as well as the increase in risk associated with competition, bankruptcy, unemployment and other conditions in the contemporary socio-economic processes. Assists clients in obtaining comprehensive information on the conditions of insurance.

Work to identify and record potential policyholders and insurance objects, evaluates the cost of the insurance object. During the term of the contracts concluded in communication with individuals and legal entities, entered into a contractual relationship for insurance services. In the event of damage to the insured evaluates and determines its size taking into account the criteria and risk. Consider coming from customer complaints and claims on the disputed issues of calculation and payment of insurance premiums, payments of insurance compensation when the insured event in accordance with the terms of the contract. Sets the causes of violations of insurance contracts and take measures for their prevention and elimination. Explore undeveloped types of insurance services and their development prospects with a view to use in their practice and creation of insurance agencies and services. Timely and in accordance with the requirements prepares the necessary documentation, maintains records and provides storage of documents relating to the conclusion of insurance contracts. Interacts with other insurance agents.
Must know

Normative legal acts, regulations, instructions, guidance and other documents regulating the activity of the insurance bodies; types of insurance services and conditions of various types of insurance; the legal basis for the development of insurance activity, taking into account specific regional conditions; the current system of social guarantees; methods for determining the degree of risk when contracting for insurance services and damage assessment; foundations of a market economy; foundations of psychology and work organization; procedure for the conclusion and execution of contracts for insurance services; domestic and foreign experience of insurance of the population and economic entities; basics of labor law; rules and regulations of labor protection.
Requirements for qualification

Vocational education and training in a special program installed without requiring a length of service.

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