How to get the approval of the bank for a loan

 How to get the approval of the bank for a loan

Choose banking program with the most favorable interest rates - is half the battle, because the more important to get approval: what's the point in a low interest rate at which the loan will, but do not you?By submitting documents to the bank should take into account several factors:1. Clothing should be neat and match the position. Not in the sense that if you, for example, a house painter, you need to be entered in the bank in paint spattered overalls, but in the sense that it is necessary to dress in a clean and neat clothes, almost like a date.If the bank applies for a loan or cheap slovenly dressed and client states that he works as director general, he could not refuse. Moreover, failure to deliver and can be an ordinary bank manager, without additional consideration of documents.

2. Credit history - is an important factor when deciding whether to grant a loan. Damaged credit history - one of the first reasons for refusal in the loan. And be sure to check her bank when considering loan applications.3. Before taking a decision the bank verifies the client and, if the audit reveals a negative or false information, then this client bank fails. Before applying the questionnaire to the bank to check all the written information, especially phone numbers. Bank employees may prozvanivat work and mobile phone numbers for additional verification. Therefore, the phone numbers that indicate someone has to not only answer, and it is advisable not childish voice: "Mommy is not home."4. Before serving documents and the signing of the questionnaire, ask the bank manager to calculate the monthly payments on the loan. Will you be able to repay this amount every month without delinquency? Remember, too, that the bank takes into account the cost of dependents, usually as the subsistence minimum. If there are current loans and credit cards out of your income just as well be deducted monthly payments on them (and most likely, the payments will be deducted in double size, because to get a loan for which you have to pay 10 thousand rubles, making you need at least 20 thousand).5. If you have assets - real estate, automobile, securities, should specify them in the questionnaire. It characterizes you as a borrower prone to hoarding, which is very welcome, and the banks will be a definite plus when deciding on a loan.The approval procedure - is complex. For approval must take into account all the factors (listed here are just a few), or refer to specialists who are not only pick the best program to help with the approval of the loan, and possibly arrange a discount on the interest rate.

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