Credit insurance

Credit insurance

On October 1 in Russia come into force amendments to the law on motor insurance. Now, car owners were able to buy policies over the Internet. As planned by legislators, this measure should increase competition between insurance companies and eliminate cases of denial of registration of mandatory policies. However, nearly twice risen in price the service became available. But a growing number of false forms of insurance.
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This message, which appeared on the website of the insurance company "Ingosstrakh", looks like an anecdote. But only at first glance. Branch drilldown "Ingosstrakh" in the Novosibirsk Region has launched a pilot project to provide design services in the insurance policy stores its partner - the group of companies "Footwear of Russia". Today, 27 stores in Novosibirsk made insurance policy sales, with customers who can not pay the cost of the policy at the same time in full, on favorable terms given target microloan for a term of two to six months. The cost of micro-loans in the announcement were not disclosed. But the fact that the citizens offer to buy the policy of compulsory motor third party liability in the loan, rather symptomatic.

The insurance policy for the car owner's insurance capacity from 101 to 120 horsepower with the driving experience at least four years in Novosibirsk will cost 12 thousand 602 rubles. With the average salary in the region of 29 thousand 300 rubles, it's pretty expensive, but the law prohibits manage personal vehicle without insurance. It is not surprising that the insurance company offers a policy to buy on credit - like furniture and other goods nepovsednevnogo demand.

In other regions, the situation is almost similar. In Moscow, a driver with less than four years, managing the same car, and now insures third party liability of 14 thousand 826 rubles. In the Kemerovo region the policy is 16 thousand 900 rubles, in Rostov - 16 thousand 11 rubles. So Novosibirsk trading network "Footwear of Russia" can safely begin exporting its new service - sale of insurance policies on credit - in other regions of Russia. Success is guaranteed.
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However, the results did not take long: according to the Central Bank, in the second quarter net profit of insurance companies in Russia increased by 1.4 times and amounted to 27.7 billion rubles. The main driver of the market, according to a survey, it was the segment of compulsory car insurance (CTP). The increase in premiums in the second quarter 2015 amounted to 49.7 per cent. It happened, as acknowledged by the regulator, it is "against the background of a significant increase in the base rate."

And what in Siberia, with which we began? According to all of the Bank of Russia, in the first half of the volume of the insurance market in Siberia and Yakutia regions increased by nearly one and a half percent (an increase over the same period in 2014 - four million rubles). In the Novosibirsk region grew by 7.6 percent. Companies operating in the region, raised 5.78 billion rubles of insurance premiums; the main increase in sales is given insurance policies - in Siberia, it was 2.92 billion rubles.

Market laws are relentless. The emergence of fake policies could be predicted even before it was decided to increase from April of this year, the cost of the compulsory third party liability insurance. According to the Russian Union of Insurers (RSA), in some regions of the country have already gone on sale forms, motorists who purchase the offer price is twice less than the insurance companies.

Despite the many inconsistencies, at first glance it is difficult to distinguish a fake enough. RSA recommends pay attention to the presence of the watermark and serial number, which must be in the original relief. A characteristic feature of fake policies is their almost complete identity of this. For example, when checking their numbers through the official website of the Union corresponds to the number of forms issued by insurance companies do. Corner Stamps identical to the original angular Stamps insurance organizations. A receipt form A-7, which is issued with the purchase of insurance is almost entirely up to the number copies of the receipt, which give the insurers.

However, there are details that give a false policy. For example, the name of "insurance policy compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners" - while this is the word "owners". But it's not that. The problem, experts say, just that the demand for the printed products has generated a rise in price is unaffordable insurance.

Back in March of this year, Kamchatka rating agency, is conducting a survey commissioned by the residents of the province Automobile Union in the region found that buying fake insurance policies in the event of higher prices for insurance are ready for more than 20 percent of the motorists. Similar results were obtained in the course of sociological surveys and in other regions of the country, despite the fact that for a fake insurance policy driver could face criminal prosecution. Here, as the lawyers say, more profitable to do to drive a car without insurance. In this case, the car owner shines just fine.

Do not remove the acuteness of the problem and sell so-called electronic policies. According to the president of the All-Russian Union of Insurers Igor Yurgens, the day of the sale of insurance policies through the internet across Russia acquired a total of 150 people. He stressed that the online-sales is primarily needed in those localities where there are difficulties with the availability of this type of insurance.

Leader in the sale of electronic policies become Rostov region, Krasnodar, Volgograd and Voronezh regions, as well as Moscow. Total system sales of electronic insurance policies already connected 27 insurance companies. However, to receive e-policy is Only those car owners who have already registered in the system of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers - that is, those who have already bought insurance policies. However, its cost no less than conventional paper.

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