5 professions, representatives of which will not give mortgages

5 professions, representatives of which will not give mortgages

Regularly resorting to short-term consumer loans, the majority of Russians do not think that trying to get a large sum from the bank with great maturity, for example, a mortgage may be doomed to failure, despite the sufficient amount of stable earnings. The fact is that every bank there is a list of professions, representatives are not mortgage loans. And in this case we are not talking about illegal activities. So what caused the taboo?

5 professions that are restricted

Any bank taking the decision to issue borrowings, primarily evaluates the borrower's ability to self-extinguish the loan, without collateral and guarantors. The ability to regularly pay a fixed amount of money depends on the stability of earnings and, therefore, at risk, primarily fall into professions that use the piecework wages, as well as those where the work involves the risk to life or have difficulty to confirm income. Therefore, before you apply, make sure that the chance to get a loan really is. To this list include:

1. Individual entrepreneurs. Their chances for a loan is very low, as the bank is unable to verify the adequacy of earnings. Of course, we are talking about the owners of a small business, which is characterized by medium-sized and unstable incomes.

2. Lawyers and notaries. This category also could not confirm income and boast stability.

3. Realtors. Alas, but the representatives of the profession, as well as the previous one, are among the unacceptable. Furthermore, more recently, during the crisis in the property market, the chance to arrange a mortgage from the profession was zero.

4. Military and rescue, racing drivers and trainers because of the high risk of disability and are undesirable borrowers, since the loss of income, even temporarily, entails undesirable consequences for the bank. In the event of a significant increase in overdue loans lender may face a shortage of working capital. This situation is fraught with the inability to make regular expenditure operation, for example, to give the requested amount with the contribution of an individual. Therefore, online mortgages are also not available for them.

5. Judges. This profession fell into disfavor, despite high incomes, because its members enjoy immunity as a consequence, to recover from their debt is not possible.

Of course, the chance to still get a loan, despite the unreliable profession is always there. The situation will improve co-borrower, guarantors, as well as the various property and other assets owned.

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